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As a security guard should have patience and careful work attitude should be neither humble nor pushy can discover abnormal protection of the owner's safety, security patrol to pay attention to what matters, there are clear requirements to ensure security work in place of every security staff.
1, the Beijing security company to join the patrol route according to the provisions and regulations of time inspection inspection tour must carry the defense equipment, such as found in Qiaomen, or call the emergency lock should be timely request support.
2, we must pay special attention to the surrounding walls and concealed dark corners when finding suspicious and disruptive behaviors. We must timely advise and stop and deal with them. When there are serious civil or criminal incidents such as fighting, homicide, fire and other serious civil or criminal incidents, we should inform the company leaders in time.
3, security guards to suspicious personnel to timely inquiry will sell and Xianzarenyuan away.
4, supervise and inspect the situation of public security and fire protection at the site of the owner's decoration, and deal with the violation of the rules and regulations in time to the general manager of the company.
5, in charge of inspection of equipment room, public equipment and facilities and cleaning and greening in time to inform the service center.
6, found that there is no unusual smell smell smell, see different light isonicotinyl quickly to find the source where, as can be handled immediately, such as serious problems promptly notify administrators and operators to the scene, where the fire extinguished immediately.
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