来源:  发布时间:2018-01-15
  Ji'nan security company should not only check the safety of the bank at all times, but also be more careful in several important time periods. For example, early, middle and late three time periods.
  The first step to a bank security is to make a detailed understanding of the internal and external environment of the bank. Specifically, understand these:
  (1) the number of staff and workers and the number of doors and windows;
  The position of the protective equipment and the alarm button.
  (3) the location of fire protection facilities and equipment;
  (4) the road conditions, public security conditions and business conditions around the bank. A comprehensive understanding of the situation in the bank can let the security guard not be flurried when it comes to an emergency and find a solution in time.
  In the morning, the security guards must first check the situation around the bank, whether to find suspicious characters and vehicles, and be sure to strengthen the vigilance. In carrying out the work of money transportation, the security guards should be responsible for arranging the scene and prohibiting the unrelated personnel from approaching, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the work of the money transportation.
  Armored car will be to the bank for cash transport work in the morning, when the cash is more concentrated and not loaded to the safe, the customer is relatively small, the staff in the morning in poor condition, these reasons are likely to let the criminals take advantage of, so this time the security task is very arduous.
  At noon, many staff need to rest and rectify, and the customers are relatively less, and this time should also be strengthened.
  That night, the need to pay attention to, in the Business Hours end to ensure that the doors and windows closed, not allow exclusion in strict accordance with the security work procedures to complete the work.
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