来源:  发布时间:2017-12-27
  1, the length of employment and the structure is reasonable: people have their own length. In mobilizing work, we should arrange them in suitable jobs according to the strengths of security guards, so that we can take advantages and avoid weaknesses so as to give full play to their advantages. If someone is not suitable for staying up late, whether he should be transferred to a place without night shift, and some of his personal image is not good enough, he should be transferred to the post responsible for internal logistics, and some of his abilities are poor. He should first tune him in a relatively simple post. In the transfer, we should also pay attention to the rationality of the overall structure. According to the customer's requirements, a reasonable combination of different types of security guards should be carried out so that the length of the staff can be complemented and the overall efficiency of the work should be improved.
  2, plan mainly, reasonable flow: personnel mobilization must be carried out in strict accordance with the need of service and plan. The security guards shoulder the responsibility of protecting the safety of the clients, and their mobilization should be based on the overall interests and mainly by planning. For example, in the mobilization, for good working attitude and strong ability of security guards should be considered from "low" to "high", namely low wages and high wages units units to mobilize, to encourage and mobilize, if because of violation of discipline, there should be awareness of the "high" to "low". As a warning. Of course, emphasis on plans to mobilize, does not exclude other reasonable personnel form, to be transferred their expertise and security guards.
  3, work for the heavy, taking into account the life for every security guard, not only work, but also life, the two are indispensable. When mobilizing, we should first consider the need of work and emphasize the importance of work. Under this premise, we should also take account of life related problems and care for the security guards. In real life, security guards often encounter difficulties in life, such as the housing problem of the married security guards, the heavy burden of the family, and so on. How to solve these problems and solve the worries for the security guards is the key to their work.
  4, respect the players and consider the customer: the transfer of the security guards is not only related to the interests of my own, but also to the interests of the clients. Therefore, when the security guards are mobilized, we should first seek the opinions of my own and do a good job in ideological work so that they can cooperate with them actively. If not, don't drag, on the other hand, not to leave is not to work at the same time; to mobilize, and customers communicate, solicit customer units, try to get the customer's organization and support.