来源:  发布时间:2017-12-22
  After the opening of the security market to the whole society, the state-owned and private security companies influence the company on the basis of equal participation in competition, connections, service quality, service offer, customer orientation and many other factors.
  With the increase in the number of people in the country, the security elements of the society have been greatly affected, and more and more crimes have been attacked.
  Therefore, modern people in urgent need of Shandong security service company to assist the service, which will bring great opportunities for development, so that Shandong security service company can get a large number of potential consumer groups of customers, the security company to achieve sound and rapid expansion of the policy.
  A common sense: "not a kangaroo court". If a criminal is confronted with a crime, he should be sent to the public security organ in time for his dispose of it, and he can not deal with it, such as interrogation or fines. It is illegal to do so and may be sanctioned by law. So be sure to understand the law, act in law basis, in order to properly protect the legitimate interests of the company.
  Common sense two: the legal use of security responsibilities. For security personnel, though they have the mission of protecting the unit's public order, they are not related departments, which requires them to act within the scope of the decree when they are using security. For example, relevant departments can use guns, security guards do not pay attention to use, once used, not only easy to form serious injury, but also bring trouble to themselves.
  Common sense three: not "defensible". As for criminals, the necessary struggle for the Shandong security service is to be made, so called "when it comes to hand." But in the hand, also must pay attention to the light and heavy, can not be defended too. Once the weight is too heavy, the consequences will be serious if the death of the other side occurs. The criminals who threaten the safety of the unit can be subdued, but when they are playing, it is better not to attack the temples, the hindbrain and so on, so as to avoid accidents.