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Three characteristics of security services
(1) strong hierarchy. Security service companies can flexibly provide different levels of security services according to different levels of social security needs. From the point of view of service objects, security companies can provide internal security services for units, social activities such as sports activities, large-scale exhibitions and various exhibitions, security services for public places and complex areas, and security services for families and individuals. Look, it can provide both labor service and technical service, and it can also provide both. From the service time, the security company tells you that it can be short, such as a few hours or days, or longer, such as a few months or years. From the service area, it can be in this city or in a few years. Within a county, services can also be provided across provinces, cities and counties; in terms of service content, services can be provided not only to protect the property or personal safety of customers, such as escort, guardianship, etc., but also to maintain the internal order of customer units, such as patrol, duty, and also to provide security and technical preventive services for customer units, such as Installation, design, maintenance of security equipment and so on.
(2) strong focus. In order to achieve the goal of providing high-quality security services to customers, security personnel must concentrate on their duties: work can not be divided into day and night, nor within or outside eight hours, not subject to the restrictions of sunny and sunny weather, cold and warm climate, nor the impact of holidays. In a word, as long as the contract is signed with the customer, the commitment must be fulfilled with diligence and due diligence.
(3) obvious competitiveness. Security company believes that the security service company has introduced the competition mechanism into management. In operation, security service companies can only gain profits and survive and develop if they are fully trusted and hired by customers. Therefore, elaborate management, due diligence, high-quality service and recognition are the ways for security companies to establish a "brand" image and carry out competitive business. To this end, in the recruitment of personnel, the recruitment system is fully implemented, and the contract system is adopted. In the management of security personnel, strict requirements, clear rewards and penalties, and the elimination of the fittest; security personnel with strong ability and good performance can not only be praised and rewarded, but may continue to be employed after the expiration of the contract, while those with poor performance, poor ability and lack of initiative will be dealt with, and those with serious mistakes will be dismissed.