来源:  发布时间:2018-06-08
First, in the weak link to find the weak link is the most vulnerable link in the security work, but also the most problems and the most contradictory links, the security managers have to have a good number of minds. For example, the development of security market, the quality of service, the aging of hardware and the loss of security personnel.
Two, in the face of success in the face of some important activities to find an important activity security or technical project completed very well, some employees may be prone to arrogance and self complacency, and even relax their own requirements, resulting in some accidents. The security manager should keep a clear head about this. He must summon up his staff to strengthen his summing up and dig out and solve some weak and small problems in depth.

Three, find problems in key parts. Security managers in Beijing security service company should be good at catching the key, including key links, key people and so on. Because problems in key links often result in damage to the entire industrial chain. For example, where are the key problems that are most prone to problems in large-scale security activities?
Four, the problem of finding a problem in the joint point is closely related to the process of security service. There are many departments or departments, or between employees and employees. Once there is deviation in coordination and coordination, the combination point is easy to cause problems. For example, the handover of work in a shift.
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