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  A large number of hotels, in general, will have to pay security, for example, to stop the customers, to carry objects, to guide the customers and so on. Do not look down on the payment work. During the payment period, we need to communicate with the customers. If the communication is not good, the customer will leave a bad impression, so the security guards are asked to see the eye. To communicate with customers in order to meet customers' needs.


  Hotel is a place of rest, is a service place, is a place to provide entertainment for customers, so the hotel must do the basic security work, the hotel security work mainly includes fire proof, security, safety, safety assessment and so on. The responsibility of Shanghai security company is to develop a reasonable security defense plan according to the specific conditions of the hotel so as to ensure that the hotel can operate regularly.


  There are more people in a hotel in one day. They need the security guards to do a good job of order maintenance and basic inspection. Especially for some suspicious customers, it is necessary to check and verify them so as to avoid the dangerous items being brought into the hotel, so as to harm the safety of other customers.


  Hotel security is sometimes required to simply check the customer's items, but the premise is based on the customer's consent. If the customer does not agree, it must not open the customer parcel without authorization. In the opposite way, it will violate the privacy of other people, and the customer is entitled to charge, this is the Beijing security company. The training process needs to be made clear.

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