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  The spirit of love and dedication is accumulated from every bit of work. A security guard who loves work and pays attention to work is the overall situation. He also has a deep understanding of security work.


  As for training, it is boring and dull, but it can exercise skills, work style, enhance sense of responsibility and sense of collective honor. Responsibility.


  Love and dedication are not only a close foundation, but also a deep understanding of professional responsibilities. People who do not love jobs are hard to do their job, so no matter what work we do, we should do a line, love a line, do everything conscientiously and work hard.


  The people who love the job, always take work as the core, take collective honor as their responsibilities, learn business knowledge, take the lead in performing their duties. In the security team, some comrades have no enthusiasm for their work, no orientation to their own work, no plan for their own, and it is difficult to make a difference when one day and one day are still hit.


  Therefore, only when the security guards form a strong sense of responsibility and love their work and dedication, can they work more effectively for one minute and take charge of sixty seconds.


  It's not a small thing to really love the job. Love and dedication is not an empty word, but a spirit. It requires us to be based on our duty and do our duty conscientious. Before work, we are unswerving, painstaking, not afraid to work hard and do a good job.

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