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  According to the danger analysis and judgment, we should prepare various contingency plans. The more prepared it is, the farther the harm is from us. As the saying goes, "grinders do not mistake wood chop workers."


  In the service activities, we should attach importance to our ideas, make detailed plans, and equip them with protective equipment. We should try to think more about dangers and difficulties, think more about measures and methods, and set strict standards and systems. We can stay away from danger and get less or even less hurt when we are on duty.


  In our security service activities, we should always place safety in the first place, enhance our awareness of the enemy's situation, and make emergency preparations at any time. As a security player, there should be a sense of danger and professional sensitivity in the execution of business tasks, always keep a high vigilance, and firmly establish a sense of protection and safety of others.


  Before the execution of the service, we should pay attention to observing and understanding the scene of the duty, analyze and judge all kinds of dangers. Once there is a sudden situation, it is possible to be in danger without confusion, to be in mind, not to panic, to respond quickly, to take advantage, take active measures, control the scene, and ensure safety.


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