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  In the heat of the safety of the staff, the problems that must be understood can be found at any time. We must understand the surrounding environment of the work safety, carefully observe and discover the location of the hidden danger, and take a scientific and reasonable solution to the problem, which may occur ahead of time, proactive problems, and when such problems arise, do not Alarmed。


  For security personnel, they are able to work independently and work on time. It is necessary to be competent as a supervisor and deal with various problems quickly and decisively. When the security officers assist the public security organs in handling emergencies or participating in large security activities, they should cooperate with each other, support each other, cooperate closely, strictly obey the leadership and obey the command.


  The recruitment of security personnel must have strong will and behavior self-control, correct ideological and attitude, resist all kinds of temptations consciously, set up their own world outlook, values and outlook on life correctly.


  Security personnel in time to solve problems in time, can easily judge, quickly analyze and timely deal with the problem, properly handle the problem and measures to ensure the effective control of all kinds of emergencies. In case of emergency, we can not expand and strengthen timely reporting.


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