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  1. Observe the surrounding area before the vehicle is searched. Is there any adhesive tape or rope around the car? Is there any trace of footprints or paw prints on the ground?


  2, check the appearance of the vehicle. Are there any scratches around the doors and windows? Are there scratches around the lock and fuel tank cover? Are there any scratches around the trunk and hood?


  3, check the bottom of the vehicle. The ground is trails, footprints, etc. Whether there is loose soil on the ground under the car. Are there any scattered wires or stripped wires? Check the four sides of the six cylinders; open the axle cover to check the inside, and the wheel nut; check the muffler system of the exhaust port and its internal. Check the inside of the tank for unidentified material. Use flashlights and mirrors to check bumpers, nuts, thrusters, motors, etc.


  4, check the interior through the window. Look through the window to see if there are obvious devices and parcels inside the car, especially in the front seat; see if there are suspended wires or abnormal carpets under the dashboard. Check whether the door is safe.


  5. Open the door from the side of the copilot and enter the internal inspection of the vehicle. Check up the floor from the interior of the vehicle. Check whether there is pressure sensitive switch under the carpet. Check whether the door's panel is made of hand and foot. Check the ashtray, cigar lighter, rear seat stereo, sub mirror, ceiling lamp and other inspection boards with hanging wires.


  6, open the engine hood check. Check the brake pedal, accelerator pedal and other items with or without starting device. Is there any damage marks on the valves of the air compressor or fire extinguisher? Are there any erroneous wires or exceptionally clean wires? Is there any package that can connect explosives or inflammable substances?


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