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  Security work provides security services, which is related to safety and social harmony and stability of families. Once we neglect the ideological work of this team, the consequences will be unthinkable. In recent years, the security guards who have been frequently seen in the newspapers have been able to guard the theft, as well as several incidents that have occurred in the last year of the security guards and even death. In addition to the reasons for the poor management, it is largely due to the "Deviation" in the thought of the security guards.


  "Ideological and political work is the lifeblood of economic work and all other work." As the development of economic and social services, in order to maintain the social stability of the security work is with no exception whatsoever.


  In practical work, ideological work is more formalized and often overlooked than the more operational skills, skills, and other aspects of business training. Some security managers often think "most probably it did not actually happen to do ideological work, the void space". There are also a number of security units seeking profits and profits unilaterally, without paying much attention to the ideological work of security guards.


  Nowadays, with the continuous development of the times, the young generation of "80 and post-90s" has become the main force in the security team. The change of group structure has put forward higher request for ideological work.


  The 80 and post-90s are different from the previous generation of "migrant workers", and have undergone great changes in values and outlook on life. According to a survey of the new generation of migrant workers issued by the China National Federation of trade unions in 2011, they show that they pay more attention to themselves, pay more attention to the protection of rights and interests, and pay more attention to the development of their future.


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