来源:  发布时间:2018-01-16
  1, the Ji'nan security company is not afraid of hardship, heavy responsibilities, active work, so that the eye is frequent, mouth, hands, legs, and actively adapt to all kinds of hard environment, hone their will in the heavy work, increase their ability; and to find and correct their own shortcomings and mistakes in work. Continue to adjust their ways of thinking and working methods, put forward higher stages of study and work, continue to pursue greater progress.
  2, resolutely obey the leadership, conscientiously understand and execute the company's management strategy and instruction spirit, and carry out to the actual work of the post, always maintain the interests of the company in the first place.
  3, adhere to the fire prevention policy of "prevention first, prevent and eliminate combination", improve the inspection and maintenance measures of fire equipment, and strengthen the training of fire knowledge, improve the awareness of fire prevention, grasp the operation methods of fire equipment and ensure safety.
  4, take seriously and resolutely fulfill all tasks assigned by the Department, and actively assist the supervisor in doing the daily work of teams and groups, and make suggestions for team building.
  5, strengthen the study, be brave in practice, keep accumulating, and be brave to open up. At the same time learning theory pay attention to learning methods, correct attitude towards learning, improve learning efficiency, cultivate their solid theoretical knowledge, correct ideas, practical work style, good organization ability, quick analysis ability, resolute ability and extensive social skills.
  It is a good idea to learn and learn from the department managers, to learn from their successful experience, and to constantly push themselves to make their own learning direction and goals.