来源:  发布时间:2018-01-09
  The leadership of the Ji'nan security company's ideological policy. The Party committee and the government are the most important decision-makers and commanders in the comprehensive management work. Therefore, the party committees and governments at all levels should explore the spirit of the directives on comprehensive governance.
  The leadership of the Party committee and the government in the organization of comprehensive governance is realized mainly through various institutions of comprehensive social security governance. To be filled with strong township streets, designed to grasp the comprehensive management of social security and government deputies, give full play to its important role in the comprehensive management of the grass-roots organization and command.
  Recognize the face area under the jurisdiction of the comprehensive management of public security work situation, with the Party Central Committee on the comprehensive management of social security and the spirit of the instructions, guidelines, policies, task of unifying the ideas of cadres and masses, from time to time to carry out comprehensive management work according to local conditions.
  Party committees and governments at all levels should strengthen the construction of the key political and legal teams for comprehensive governance, conscientiously lead, strictly demand, select the top leaders, cooperate well with teams, play a leading role. Adhere to the comprehensive management for the maintenance of normal social order, maintain social stability, to mobilize the whole society to prevent and reduce crime, the formation of a good social climate for the promotion of reform and development, enhance the masses has important significance to adhere to the party's basic line of reform and opening up confidence.
  Party committees and governments at all levels should adhere to Comrade Deng Xiaoping "grasping with both hands," the strategy of 'hand of reform and opening up' the one hand against all kinds of criminal activities; the one hand the economic construction 'grasping the construction of the legal system, discover and solve some tendentious ideological problems in the cadre, continuously improve the cadres grasping consciousness of comprehensive management of social security. At the same time, we should carry out extensive publicity and education for public security in various ways and ways, and mobilize the masses to take an active part in the comprehensive administration of social security.
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