来源:  发布时间:2017-12-28

  Ji'nan security company organized the emergency drill for security personnel. The key units and places should be familiar with the plan, tasks and positions, improve the ability to perform duties and deal with emergencies.


  To strictly control the "people" in the security industry, the labor shortage, the security team personnel problems of high mobility, to organize security qualification examination work, all kinds of information to be timely and complete input to the security management information system and timely update the data, for the newly hired security guards must be entered into the system within 24 hours, the security guard is not suitable for occupation personnel to properly handle.


  We must carry out all rules and regulations, strengthen the education and management of security personnel outside work, and ensure that the security team does not violate laws and discipline problems and major safety accidents.


  The security companies should give full play to the role of pickets, in-depth front-line duty point inspection, inspection records, found problems should be promptly corrected, to ensure the smooth and orderly conduct. It is necessary to arrange the unstable factors inside the enterprise and establish the stability control measures at the same time.


  Pay attention to the ideological trend of security guards, observe that the mood is not stable, earnestly implement the "one day" working system, and strengthen the security guard, the exchange of ideas, ideological guidance and work to resolve conflicts, the security guards to the security work in good state.


  To protect the legitimate rights and interests of the security guards, to eliminate the problems of arrears, overtime, and identity cards, and to prevent the resulting inconsistency caused by the contradictions.


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