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  The security officer is the decision maker of the quality of the security service. With the development of the economy and society, while the people are increasing the demand for security, the quality of the safe service is also higher.


  There is no doubt that the quality of the security service depends on its executor, the security officer. Their comprehensive quality, including physical conditions, familiarity with service objects and regions, whether they have strong professional skills and strong ability to deal with emergencies, all determine their superior and inferior quality of service. High quality security guards are the fundamental guarantee of high quality security services.


  Security guards are the main body of social responsibility in the security industry. Security services provide security services, and therefore take more social responsibility than other industries and take the road of social responsibility as the first.


  Participate in social security patrols, government agencies, community security services, large-scale activities, security, banking and hospital safety operations, and provide auxiliary security forces for public security organs. In these positions, the majority of grassroots security guards under high risk of experiencing cold exposed to wind and rain and sun.


  The security guard is a window to display the image of the security industry. How people perceive and understand the security industry, the most intuitive way is to stick to the performance of the security guards in the front line. Their appearance, speech and deportment and the spirit, are all related to social transfer of "information", a display of the security industry image of a window.


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