来源:  发布时间:2018-01-12
  Everything has its inevitability to produce and develop, and the security service company is no exception. With the rapid development of modern western society, the old government management mode is no longer suitable for social reality. People constantly seek the mode of government reform. During this period, there are many theories about government reform. Public governance theory is one of them.
  The demand for security is the internal driving force for the development of security service industry. On the one hand, different social strata need personal safety demand mainly because of different security needs and low resource opportunity occupancy, and this demand guarantee can be provided by the police.
  Public governance is different from the traditional government management mode of the new social management mode, in this mode, government departments and non-governmental organizations, cooperation between public institutions and private institutions, sharing of administrative power, through a variety of means of management, shared responsibility and obligation, in order to achieve the purpose of public interests.
  The rest of the strata have more resources and opportunities. The social status, prestige, property and high education classes are more strongly protected in winter. Besides personal safety, they are more secure in property.
  The value of information security, security and other needs, these only through any security services can be effectively satisfied. On the other hand, the social stratum differentiation, dissection and wealth continues to grow, in order to avoid the potential risks, often need more effective, not subject to judicial system security control, security service is the best choice.