来源:  发布时间:2018-01-01

  There are many problems in the process of security in the recruitment process, mainly in the following aspects:


  1, the recognition of social status is relatively low. With the promulgation and implementation of "Regulations" security service management, the security industry has been widely recognized by society and the masses in the society, enterprises and institutions, government agencies, schools, factories, residential property, tourist attractions, experience there will be security personnel figure, there are more than 3000 security companies and about four million and five hundred thousand security personnel in the country, that would be enough to that security personnel to maintain social stability and plays an important role in protecting people's property. The increase in the number of domestic security enterprises and the increase of security personnel does not mean that the social status of the security personnel is recognized by the people.


  2, the security personnel's social image is not very good. Security personnel social image problems, mainly from the security industry, security industry service capabilities, security personnel responsibility and security service, security personnel will directly affect the social image, there is a major media and cultural propaganda work.


  3, the salary of security personnel is poor. Security personnel salary is not very good, is a common phenomenon in the security industry, security personnel wages is mainly composed of service units paid to the security company security service fee is determined, there are currently more than 90% of the security service fee is by the security service unit to pay a security company, which is submitted to the security service company the cost is not up to the sum of the minimum wage standard of security personnel and social insurance costs.


  4, the security company is not the management of the comparative norms. The implementation of the regulations on the management of security services makes the management system of the security company more and more perfect, standard and professional. But in the process of management, it is not possible to exclude the low quality of individual managers, too rude management methods and no ideological work. This will cause fear of security personnel in mind and cause unrest among security personnel.