来源:  发布时间:2017-12-26
  Internationally renowned security companies are highly qualified. They usually introduce scientific management and high technology into security business. Combined with their flexible working methods, they greatly improve safety factor and win widespread trust in the society.
  China's security service industry can learn from the successful experience of foreign security industry. According to the requirements of modern enterprise system, we will set up a large security group company through resource integration, build a fine management system with core competitiveness, and set up a talent pool for professional management team.
  Human protection is the most basic and most common service in security services. 20 years ago, the social security service need only the "guard" services, and with the progress of reform and openness, new social problems and uncertain factors and the social problems existing are intertwined with each other, making the risk of increasing the social system, presents many new situations and new trends, new requirements the security service to the community and the new expectations of increasing.
  Therefore, in basic security services, we should develop from a single form to a variety of forms, namely, from patrolling to patrolling, patrolling, guarding, mobile and other forms, and from labor services to intelligent services.
  Diversification is a security enterprise development in the process of stimulant and tonic, not only to promote the upgrading of enterprise security, but also stronger and lay a solid foundation for enterprise security. International experience also proves that diversification is the trend of the development of security services.
  Throughout the course of development of western developed countries, security companies continue to expand the scope of business has become a common phenomenon, on the one hand, as many new business emerging, designed to meet the special requirements of customers; on the other hand, the security company to cross industry extension, to provide comprehensive services to customers. It can be said that the diversified operation not only makes the security enterprises get the shortcut of competitive advantage, but also gives customers the satisfaction of multi-level needs.