来源:  发布时间:2017-12-21
In the security service, the security guard may take the following measures to perform the security service duties of the Shandong security company.
(1) to examine the documents of the personnel in the entry and exit area, and to register the vehicles and articles in and out of the area.
(two) the Shandong security company carries out patrols, guardians, safety inspection and alarm monitoring in the service area.
(three) safety inspection of personnel and their belongings in public places such as airports, stations, wharfs and other public places, and the maintenance of public order;
(four) the Shandong security company to perform armed guard escort missions, can set up a temporary isolation zone according to the task, but it should be reduced as much as possible to interfere with the normal activities of the citizens.
The security guards should stop illegal activities in the service area in time, and immediately warn the invalid crime and take measures to protect the scene.
Engaged in armed guard escort service security guards to perform tasks using guns armed guard escorts, carried out in accordance with provisions of the "full-time guards and escorts the use of firearms regulations" of the.
The security guards are not allowed to have the following acts:
(1) restricting the personal freedom of others, searching for the body of others, insulting and beating others;
(two) the Shandong security company seized and confiscated others' documents and property;
(three) obstructing the execution of public affairs according to law;
(four) dispose of disputes by means of recourse to debt, the use of violence or the threat of violence;
(five) the formation of monitoring image data, delete or spread the security service in the alarm records;
(six) infringement of personal privacy or disclosure of state secrets, business secrets and information clearly required by client units to be kept confidential in security services;
(seven) other acts that violate the laws and administrative regulations.