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  When the security personnel dress up, they should be civilized and dignified, and keep their clothes neat and clean. No smoking or drinking; no safety helmet, clothe, open arms, sleeves and trouser legs should be worn.


  Not to wear and fasten the signs and articles that are not related to the identity of security guards or to carry out the tasks; not to dye color hair and wear jewelry; male security guards shall not leave long hair, large temples, hot curls (except natural hair), shaving head or beard, female security guards shall not distribute, make heavy make-up, dye nails and wear colored legged pantyhose.


  Beijing security service company should wear a safety helmet when dressing. When you need to remove the hat, the position can be clipped to the left armpit with the left hand.


  In the sitting position, the safety helmet can be placed on the left side of the table (table) or on the left side of the knee with the left hand (top of the hat is upward, and the cap is ahead). In the office and dormitory, the safety helmet is hung on the clothes rack (the top of the hat is outward, the cap is downward), or it is placed uniformly above the bedding of the bed.


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