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  On the basis of conscientiously carrying out the spirit of enterprise instruction, managers should pay attention to Zhang Chi. We should draw lessons from the practice of humanized management, govern the team by law, and lead troops with intelligence, and develop team spirit and master spirit.


  Managers should go to grass-roots research to fully understand the team's thinking and work. Find the key and do a good job of thinking. In this way, a centripetal force and a cohesive force can be formed.


  Efficient management needs a perfect system to support. The formulation and timely improvement of all management rules and regulations will play a good guiding role in daily management. Enterprises should formulate effective employee handbook, organize study and supervise implementation. Let grass-roots management have rules and regulations, so that employees can clearly understand their own code of conduct.


  How to retain excellent talents, enterprises should be the first issue. Enterprises should improve management and take more initiatives in personal growth training, development space and other incentives. Let outstanding talents do well in the enterprise, thereby reducing the loss of personnel and maintaining the stability of the team.


  It is necessary for security personnel to enter the team and the training of theoretical skills. Compiling scientific and reasonable training plans and supplemented by flexible training methods is the primary issue to consider. In the teaching plan, we should focus on the combination of theory and practice, and take the way of centralized training and individual assessment.


  In training, we should pay attention to the exploration and use of talents, and understand the expertise, skills and hobbies of personnel.


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