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  A good security personnel needs more professional skills to protect the people and public safety to the greatest extent. Therefore, it is necessary for the security personnel to have basic legal knowledge, and also need to learn the professional standards stipulated in the security related policies. This is to further improve the professional quality of the security personnel and consolidate the foundation for the improvement of their professional skills.


  To be an excellent security guard requires basic political attainments. We need to love our motherland. This is also the basic accomplishment of every Chinese. In addition, security personnel ensure the safety of the people, so they need to have the quality of loving the people. In addition, the security personnel are required to have a good leading role, so it is necessary for the security personnel to have no illegal record of crime, to be able to love their jobs and to fulfill their duties. It can be civilized and courteous.


  Security also needs to have the ability to observe, discover and handle problems closely related to job responsibilities. In daily work, security will meet all kinds of people and things, and need to make a calm and objective judgment and treatment plan in a short time. Only in this way can danger be avoided and contradictions will be reduced.


  It is necessary for security personnel to have certain language and writing skills, because in the daily work of security, they often encounter various problems. Security personnel need to stop the uncivilized and incorrect behavior, which requires a certain ability to express language, and can be concise, fluent and smooth. In addition, in the usual work, Patrol Records and problem records should be kept at all times. Therefore, it is necessary to express the ability of expression.


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