来源:  发布时间:2018-03-15
Some of the teams are out of the way, and some of the Nanjing security guards are not strict with themselves, and the teams have been caught and caught up and fought in a psychological war, in private and secretly violating discipline. At this time, we asked the sub captain to be sensitive to information response. Through questioning, observation, investigation and other means, we could accurately grasp the players' state of mind and abnormal actions, and find, stop and avoid all kinds of safety accidents in time.
When some of the skipper solves the security problem of the team, the method is too simple, rude and arbitrary. Although well intentioned, but did not solve practical problems, affecting the safety fundamentally backfired, causing players rebellious actions do not obey the command.

In this regard, the only way is tackling the problem, using the methods of science education means at the same time, we can solve for the team work, life, family and other aspects of the actual problem, move, reason, so as to truly implement the system, reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.
Now, the new team Nanjing guard safety awareness is relatively weak, the lack of safety knowledge. Therefore, cadres should vigorously organize new members to study Nanjing security business knowledge, so that they gradually increase safety knowledge, enhance safety consciousness, regardless of how to change the security situation, to alarm bells ringing, time does not relax. Otherwise, Nanjing security guards in a safe whirlpool will not be surprised.
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