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Security industry is a kind of work that often fight with some criminals. If it's a security guard, even the smallest legal policy is not known, it's quite unfavourable. Do not think that criminals do not understand the law, in fact, according to research by security companies, some criminals are proficient in the laws and regulations, so they will be special legal loopholes. So the minimum quality of business as a security guard is to know the relevant laws and regulations.
According to the introduction of security company, for some new security guards, they are not very familiar with some related equipment, so some security companies will do some training for them. The equipment that needs to be used frequently in the security industry is the fire-fighting equipment and its related defense equipment.
This place refers to the ability to express, not only in written and spoken language, but also in oral expression. Security company tells us that the relevant expression ability is a professional quality that security must have, for example, in normal daily work, it is better to record certain suspicious persons.
During the process of recording, we can record the appearance characteristics of the suspicious person. Besides, we need to record the time and place of suspicious persons and analyze the suspicious places properly. This is the benefit of the subsequent cases, which can provide clues to the investigation.
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