来源:  发布时间:2018-01-10
  Before we know the responsibility of security, maybe we can understand the rapid development of the security industry. Now, security is becoming more and more important and more and more important, and people's dependence on security is gradually increasing.
  The security industry in China, the first in Shenzhen, because Shenzhen is the first to open the security company, and then after the State Council approved on the component security services company, many city China have set up a large number of security companies, security personnel training, the first recruit security without too many restrictions, the system is also not perfect.
  The development of security industry is getting better and better. People's sense of security is also changing with time. Security is becoming more and more important in people's minds. The security guards can give people more protection and help. They are hard to keep their posts and carry out their duties and obligations uninterrupted day and night.
  With the passage of time, gradually expanding the scope of security service, to escort, guard, patrol, guard and other services, the prospects for the development of the security industry is getting better and better, and now the security guards occupation qualification certificate issued, can guarantee more security guards' quality and skill.
  You can see the prospect of the development of security is very good, so people know how much about security type? Zhenyuan security can be divided into residential security, enterprise security, shopping mall security, security and so on, should always pay attention to the interior of the mall order chaos, business is illegal, whether the masses can be fraud.
  There are enterprises security, mainly to protect the internal personnel, management and inspection of personnel and vehicles. There are also important bank security guards. We are familiar with this security. Because banks are places to store people's funds, security is able to protect people's property and internal safety of banks.