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  The quality of the personnel of Beijing security company determines the strength of the fighting capacity of the security team, and the service level of the security is directly reflected in the comprehensive strength of the whole team. In order to improve the fighting capacity of the team, improve the image of the team and improve the service quality of the security, we must strengthen the comprehensive training and training of the security personnel to achieve this goal.


  Security is the image of the company and the first appearance of the customer unit is the first impression of the security service company and the client unit to the outside world. Therefore, the appearance, manners, behavior and behavior of the security personnel are very important.


  Training for veteran players can help them improve themselves and do better in their work. Strict training and assessment for new members are prerequisites for post. In the new players, the team is employed strictly in accordance with the conditions of the new players, strictly reviewing the relevant formalities of the new players, unifying the new players for business training, conducting the examination in accordance with the requirements of the company, and arranging the posts after the examination is qualified.

  执勤中大队要求所有队员必须持证上岗,必须使用文明用语执勤。提倡队伍中要多一个手势、多说一句话、多一个微笑。要做到执勤中“人员、时间、装备”三到位。要严格按照公司规定统一着装,标志佩戴齐全上岗。良好的队伍形象才能更好的赢得客户的信任,客户零投诉我 们的保安工作才会使客户满意度100%。

  On duty, the brigade requires all members to be certified to work, and must use civilized terms to perform duties. We should promote more gestures, more words and more smiles. It is necessary to achieve "three personnel, time and equipment" in duty. We must strictly dress according to the company's regulations and wear all the marks. A good team image can better win the trust of our customers. Our customers will not be satisfied with our security work until 100%.


  All stationing units are strictly on duty in accordance with company regulations and strictly enforce access control system. In the course of duty, people must be appointed and appointed. On duty patrol, the staff are required to be vigilant and vigilant.


  Thank the new and old customers for the trust and love of our products. We will carry forward the future with high quality products, preferential prices and honest service, and create win-win results with you. All staff of the company wholeheartedly welcome your guidance!