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  Responsible for the implementation of the relevant fire safety regulations, the implementation of the fire management regulations of the supermarket business operation regulations, guide the users to formulate relevant fire protection system, find hidden dangers and local relevant security and fire officers in time to contact, jointly formulate corrective measures and report the administrative department;


  1. responsible for the safety of personnel, goods and articles, responsible for maintaining the order and handling emergencies.


  2. take charge of shopping mall inspection, prevent theft and dispose of theft according to company regulations.

  3.负责安全员、消防员、稽核员的工作指导和员工培训,定期组织学习有关业务知识,定期进行考核; 4.负责上级领导、外宾来公司时护接、护送,保证安全;

  3. responsible for the safety staff, firefighters, auditors' work guidance and staff training, regular organizational learning related business knowledge, regular assessment; 4. responsible for higher leadership, foreign guests to the company to protect, escort, to ensure safety;

  5.协调政府各治安部门和相关治安部门的业务关系,协调与公司各部门之间的关系,确保商场安全; 6.指导领班、组长工作,负责他们的考勤。督导领班对其员工的考勤,组织实施应急措施;

  5. coordinate the business relations between the public security departments and the relevant public security departments, coordinate the relations with the various departments of the company, ensure the security of the shopping malls, and 6. guide the leaders and the leaders of the group, and take charge of their attendance. Supervise the head waiter to organize the implementation of emergency measures for their employees' attendance.


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