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  Security personnel must patrol regularly to check whether the fire fighting tools in every place are intact and can not be used normally.


  In the process of the security company assisting the enterprise to carry out the fire fighting, it must be carried out at the same time from two aspects of the technical fire protection and personal fire fighting, in order to be more effective.


  Security personnel should also master different methods of escape and close the door after escaping. In addition, the security personnel should also transfer fire knowledge to the staff of other posts regularly, and Shanghai security company should also assist the staff in the training of fire protection knowledge for all employees.


  During the patrol and routine process, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the internal security risks exist inside the enterprise, make a good fire fighting system, and implement the fire fighting equipment and the fire extinguishing preparation work to make the fire fighting work more reliable.


  Grasp the use of every kind of fire protection facilities, and regular maintenance, replacement, and some fire facilities to a certain number of years, it can not be used, so people must be timely replaced, and establish a perfect fire protection facilities files, effective management.


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