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  In the whole security service industry, there are three points in the world. It is particularly important to effectively solve the problems that are not good, can't be achieved, and can not be learned. It is very important to build a contingent of security guards with heart gas, gas, vitality and relative stability. It is particularly important to enhance the quality of property services and make the owners live and work. Property companies who want to do something and do something are aware of this.


  The essential habit of the quality of security personnel should also be highlighted. The basic function of the security guards is to maintain the life and work order in the area of management. First, the ability to identify, judge and deal with the unsafe factors is needed.


  At present, when evaluating the quality of the security guards in the industry, the emphasis is on the height, age, and "station pile". When the skill is compared, it is simpler than the posture, the military capacity and the queue... Misleading the inside out, let everyone feel good security guards, can only eat young meals, odd jobs.


  To improve the situation of security services, we need to increase internal motivation first. The most feasible and effective method in reality is to endow the security industry with more and higher knowledge and skill requirements through the means of continuous management, the adjustment of the division of labor, and the rich post responsibilities.


  Such as the realization of the intelligentization of safety, parking and fire management, the operation, maintenance, maintenance and use of these intelligent equipment are integrated into the duty category of the security guards and so on. Learned, can not get, can not be solved.


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