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  When the security guard is on duty, it can take the following measures: repeatedly persuading, pleasing, and striving for the cooperation of the other party in the courtesy language. When the staff and the security personnel who are dissatisfied with their identification are repeatedly dissuaded, the security guards can take the following measures. Security personnel should calm down as soon as possible, report the situation to the customer unit, and ask the leaders to come to deal with it.


  When the vehicle is ten to fifteen meters away from the post, the security officer should stand upright in front of the motor vehicle in front of the motor vehicle, face the motor vehicle, extend one arm in horizontal, five fingers together, finger upwards, palm toward the car, and the other arm forward, under the Yu Pingshen arm, and the five fingers close together. With slight bending, the palm moves to the direction of vehicle parking, indicating parking.


  When a vehicle is in and out of a non customer unit, the security officer should stop and ask about the situation. If it is true that the client of a customer unit may be allowed to let go, the vehicle carrying materials must check the goods carefully against the bill of goods.


  If the vehicle does not stop according to the external vehicle, it is forced to enter, must keep in mind the model and brand of the vehicle, report the shift clerk or team duty officer in time, quickly find out, find out the situation as soon as possible in order to prevent accidents. In case of fire, explosion and other accidents inside the unit, fire trucks and ambulances can be released without inspection when they enter the emergency room. In addition, when the external vehicle enters the customer unit, the security personnel should check the personnel on the car, and the personnel who are not related to the business activities should be mobilized to get off and wait outside.


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